9 Killer Dog Grooming & Handling Shortcuts

Grooming and Handling your Hairiest Family Member

Gring and Hng


9 Killer Dog Grooming and Handling Shortcuts for us humans handling the grooming.


Grooming and Handling day is now, today, already? Of course it is. And wouldn’t you know it, my honey bunch not only filled the lawn mower gas tank FOR me, but she’s allowing me to prepare a four course breakfast for the entire extended visting family. Including my 3 wonderful human children, who like me just ADORE my mother in law. Nice ENGRISH. Grooming and handling my dog, after such a wonderful “planned-for-me-Saturday morning, is just a real treat in my book. Quite the surprise. Remind me to thank sweety the minute she arrives if I havent wrapped that wiry garden hose around the 19000 RPM Aluminum Alloy based, Japanese Double Death Edge blades, especially hand crafted 7 generations past on my MOTHER IN LAWS side, atop with 16 Ninja Worrier Stealth strike slicing patterns, for that Super Sharp, Keenly Close neighbor bashing perfection. To humiliate their manhood, while drinking their wife’s homemade coolaide as they look on, beyond bewildered at my space age lazar accuracy in goorming and handling my lawn AND my Dog ( which comes later, poor bastards) but ultimately to create a  look and feel when after breakfast and a long long rest, the kids finally get up at 2PM to prance jolly barefooted and twinkle toed.


Ninja SharpenedGlad I woke up today, because I just love the smell of unnaturally stanky puppies! Listen, get used to the stank if you’d rather golf with Frank. Otherwise a comprimise for those more optimized in dog grooming enterprise. When it comes to dog grooming and handling your happy go lucky not bright but willling puppy., you’ll want your new best four legged friend to feel good about human contact. Be sure to touch on all of their irresistible places they prefer, as well as those other places that can be a tad more sensitive whentouching’; such as their legs, feet, eyes, ears, and tail. [ Practice all of this daily.]


From paws to snout; it’s important to maintain a consistent set of cleaning habits. For your puppy’s coat, you can do this with regular brushing and combing to keep the natty dread locks out, and the shiny coat in; which they’re meant to show off. Try to brush his coat before and after bathes. Brushing frequency should be no less than twice per week – and depending on hair type, thickness and length.



To make sure your puppy does not have ear trouble in his future, you will want him to get used to the idea of regular external ear canal cleanings, and handling. Depending upon your dog breed, ear cleaning is done once a month, or as often as once a week (before the mites come marching in). “Oh when the mites…”